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About me

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I am an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Sydney Australia, being appointed by the Attorney General’s Department to solemnize marriages in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961. As a Celebrant it is compulsory for me to participate in on-going professional development courses, as outlined by the Attorney General's Department. This ensures a high standard of professionalism is maintained with a Code of Practice for all celebrants to undertake.

My training and qualifications have attained me the following in the arena of marriage and funerals.

• Planning and Conducting Marriage Ceremonies
• Planning and Conducting Funeral Services
I am a Justice of the Peace, New South Wales, appointed by the Attorney-General's Department, and also a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. I also officiate at other services including -

• Commitment Ceremony
• Re-Affirmation of Vows Ceremony
• Baby Naming Ceremony
• Funerals
• Master of Ceremonies

Under the Marriage Act 1961 there are certain obligations that must be met prior to a marriage ceremony being solemnised.
Lodgement You must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) Notice of Intended Marriage with your Civil Marriage Celebrant no less than one month (and no more than 18 months) prior to the marriage being solemnised.
This Notice would be completed at your first meeting with your Marriage Celebrant and the required documents must be produced at that time. If not available, they must be sighted by the Celebrant before the marriage can take place. Both parties are required to give the minimum one month notice by signing and having the NIM witnessed by the Marriage Celebrant.
Before your marriage you are required to produce the following:
Original Birth Certificates (or authorised extract of such Certificate). You can obtain these from the Registrar of BDM Births Deaths and Marriages Registry or your Marriage Celebrant can provide an application form to obtain one should you not have it. Photocopies are not permitted.
Persons born outside of Australia Although birth certificates are preferred, a Marriage Celebrant can accept an overseas passport (from the country of birth) in lieu of the birth certificate. If that person cannot produce their birth certificate or overseas passport, the Celebrant will take a Statutory Declaration with details of birth date, place and parents’ names together with an explanation as to why the birth certificate is not available. IMPORTANT: An Australian passport cannot be accepted under any circumstances and statutory declarations only apply to persons born overseas.
Persons previously married An original copy of the Decree Absolute or Divorce Certificate must be produced. The date on the Decree Absolute must be a minimum one month and one day prior to the date of marriage. When a previous marriage has been annulled, documented evidence must be produced.
Widowhood An original copy of the Death Certificate of the previous spouse must be produced.
NB. These documents MUST be produced before the marriage can take place. It is essential that you give yourself adequate time to acquire them prior to marriage.
No Legal Impediment Both parties will be required to sign a declaration under the Marriage Act 1961, stating that you believe there is no legal impediment to the marriage between yourself and your partner.
There must be 2 witnesses at your marriage ceremony, both over the age of 18 years.

I would love be your Celebrant and I am available 7 days a week.

Here is a an overview if living overseas and you are considering a wedding in Sydney.

There are no residency qualifications required for your marriage to take place. The only requirement is that you are free to marry and you will be required to prove that when you lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM).

The marriage must comply with the Marriage Act 1961 as outlined in Legal Obligations

NB. There is no reason as to why your marriage in Australia would not be recognised within your own country. It is advisable that you have this confirmed with your local authorities prior to making arrangements. Some European countries may require the Marriage Certificate to be stamped with an Apostille stamp — it is advisable to check this and obtain from Australian Passport office while you are here.

It is also important to note that in Australia there can only be one legal marriage. Any further ceremony would be recognised as Re-Affirmation of Vows

Requirements if lodging NIM from overseas

· The Notice of Intended Marriage must be provided to your Marriage Celebrant at least one month prior to the marriage being solemnised.

· This Notice must be witnessed by the appropriate authorities details of which can be supplied on request and which also appear on the NIM

· The Notice can be given in person, via fax, scan or mail or emailed to your Celebrant.

· The original Notice of Intended Marriage MUST be produced to your Marriage Celebrant. If you do not produce the original Notice then your marriage cannot proceed.

· Your passports and birth certificates MUST be brought to with you and must be sighted by your Marriage Celebrant.
If they are not sighted then your marriage cannot proceed.

· You must be at least 18 years of age to marry in Australia

· Your marriage must be witnessed by two other people over 18 years of age

· The marriage ceremony is performed in English and must be understood clearly by the couple. Please advise if and interpreter is required.