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As well as conducting Wedding ceremonies, I also offer Commitment ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Baby namings, Funerals and Master of Ceremonies.




The Commitment Ceremony ($600)

A Commitment Ceremony is one that is a very important and special occasion designed for those couples who are making a life-long commitment to each other as an alternative to the traditional marriage ceremony.

The ceremony is one that you, as a couple, have ultimately designed around your ideals and beliefs and is the special time when you openly declare and celebrate your love for each other and one day that will be remembered forever.

It is this dedication that you can announce to your family and friends as one that is committed with love and understanding and is to be celebrated by all.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony ($600)

This ceremony truly celebrates the on-going love and unity that you as a couple have for one another.

It is the special occasion when both of you can again re-affirm your love and commitment, maybe on a special wedding anniversary or a time that has special meaning in your lives.  You might want to include your children or close friends, with a thought maybe for music that brings back special memories or a piece that signifies this special time in your lives.

With your family and friends, this ceremony is one that will be treasured by all of them and is quite unique.


‘Welcome to the World’ Baby Naming Ceremony ($600)

Your beautiful baby has arrived and now you want to welcome that special little person into your lives.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and I will create a special ceremony which will be filled with joy and happiness and all those wonderful, unique moments that a baby brings.  On a beach at the break of dawn - a new day for a new life.

A beautiful naming certificate and a momento will be yours as a keepsake of your baby’s ‘welcome to the world’.

My Celebrant fees for the above celebrations include:

  • Meet with you to discuss the style of celebration
  • Special inclusion of family, friends and cultural traditions and personal beliefs
  • Design the ceremony reflecting your dedication and past journey, your re-affirmation of love; your special welcome to your beautiful new addition
  • If timing allows, meet with you to discuss and co-ordinate the plans for the day
  • Attend the occasion arriving at least 45 minutes prior to the commencement to ensure all is in place. I will also provide a suitable PA system which includes two speakers and a cordless microphone for guest speaker
  • Perform the celebration with happiness and warmth with a special presentation of a commemorative certificate


Funeral Ceremony $900

The day of a funeral is one where life is remembered with love and dignity and for some can be a celebration and recognition of life.
Through my initial meeting with the family, I offer my support and guidance on the day by creating and presenting a funeral service that is dignified, heartfelt and compassionate and reflects the life of your loved one.
This time of remembrance will be held special in the hearts and memories of family and friends. 

My Celebrant fee for the service includes the following:

  • Initial contact with funeral company and the appointed funeral director
  • Meet with family and gain a special understanding of the life to be celebrated
  • Provide guidance and oversee the Order of Service
  • Create a service reflecting the life and journey dedicated to your loved one
  • Co-ordinate the service with the Funeral Director
  • Offer of support, guidance and care during this time
  • Prior to commencement of service, meet with the family on their arrival
  • Perform the service with dignity and compassion